All Massage Therapies are available in 60 or 90 min sessions.
Swedish Massage
$75 / $115

This classic form of massage relaxes the body using light to medium pressure that will soothe aches and pains and relieve stress and tension. Great for the first time spa-goer.

Pre or Post-Natal Massage $80 / $120

It's your turn to be babied. This Swedish style full-body massage is performed in a comfortable side-lying position. Designed with baby in mind, this gentle, safe massage brings a nurturing touch to your body. By focusing on specific muscle groups that experience strain during pregnancy, you'll experience relaxation and renewed comfort. A blissful escape after your first trimester.

Aromatherapy Massage $85 / $125

The combination of Swedish massage and the uplifting benefits of essential oils are used to relax tense muscles and soothe your spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage $90 / $130

Restore your body to peak performance. This maximum pressure massage seeks out areas of stress and tension, releasing chronic muscle pain so you can be yourself again.

Therapeutic Massage $95 / $135

This indulgent therapy is excellent for ridding the body of tension and reducing muscle pain. Heated herbal packs are used to relax tight muscles and increase circulation. Designed for the client who desires more detailed manipulation on specific muscle groups.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage $110 / $150

A massage treatment using heated river rocks provides isolated deep heat at strategic points on the hands, spine, back, and feet. Muscles warm and relax with the combination of deep, penetrating heat and the pressure of massage strokes.

Couples Massage
(Swedish, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue)
from $150 / $230

Unwind and relax side by side each with your own personal therapist in the same private environment. Self-indulgence for you and your partner.

Reflexology (30 minutes) $45

A sole to soul sensation.Your therapist will stimulate reflex points on hands and feet to improve circulation, reduce fatigue, and improve physical balance.